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Frequently Asked Questions

Veins take blood from the heart to the rest of the body. But seldom arteries become blocked. When this occurs, surgeons build a new way to bypass the blockage. Physicians call it to bypass graft surgery. It uses a moving blood vessel from another part of the body

The aorta is an important way that takes blood from the heart. Two central blood arteries branch from the base of it: the right and left coronary arteries. Each of the coronary arteries has several parts.

Usually, the surgery may take 3 to 6 hours or longer depending on your method. Discuss with the surgeon on the specific type of your surgery.

After surgery, you will not be able to lift anything over 5 pounds until cleared by your doctor. If you had open-heart surgery, this will provide your breast bone (sternum) time to recover.

You will receive specific guidance from your surgeon on how to prepare for CABG operation. Guidance will include information on what you can eat or drink, what medicines you can take, and what actions to stop (ex: smoking). Most patients are admitted to the hospital on the same day as the surgery.

There is no reason for you to talk less after the operation. However, during the first few days of your recovery, you might feel low of breath while talking for a long period. If that is the problem, your body is telling you to rest and you may stay quiet for some moment.